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Hiding Your TV Wires

Hiding your TV wires can be challenging and require a skilled handyman to drill wires into your walls. If you have a flat screen TV or wish to purchase one, wires can easily be hidden with a tv mount installation. Choosing a pro from Done By Benji to mount your TV will give you the ease of installation and it all depends on the size of your setup. We are a skilled handyman and remodeling firm in Rochester NY.

When mounting a TV, furniture must be moved for the mount to be installed and your setups must meet your room requirements. Figure out your placement and where you want the TV to be shown to guests, family, and others. See what will fit your room and the type of TV mount that you desire. If you have any furniture assembly like a dresser or table, move it out of the way. 

Choosing a standard mount for your 20-50 inch TV is affordable and can save you space. Large mounts over 50 inches will require more than one person for a standard installation so it may take more time. That is why contractors like us are helping home owners with their property needs, maintenance, installs, and repairs. A skilled handyman can service your home today, contact us if you are looking for a new addition.

Setups on TV stands can be tricky because you can’t hide the wires into the wall. Not only can we will help you, we can install new outlets and furniture that you need for a proper wiring. Sometimes using extensions for your appliances may cause the breaker to shut off with your electric, installing new electric wiring such as a light can relieve that. A skilled electrician can help you fix your outdated wiring into new and improved.

Finally, finding a trusted handyman can always be a challenge. Done By Benji has excellent testimonials and great reviews when it comes to handyman services and home renovations. Our work has changed the way people live and we always guarantee professional results. If you are a residential home owner or a commercial company in upstate New York with handyman needs, contact us today for a free estimate.

Home improvements are always a must, updating your property boosts the value of it itself. Up to date installations like TV mounts can save you time and energy. Even if it’s just interior design look to you, a new addition is a step towards your achievement. Find out your budget and what you can afford when choosing a contractor to setup your appliances or installations.