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10+ Tips For Your Next Remodel

Many people always ask what it takes to achieve a perfect kitchen or bathroom remodel. To answer is simple, it’s all based on your preference, colors, lighting, budget, and the square feet of the renovation. When you choose a contractor in Rochester NY like Done By Benji, we help you complete your perfect home vision from A to Z.

Whether you are on a budget or not, the first thing to start with is the wall repair or installation. Wallpaper is an option to hide imperfections on your wall but a color with nice drywall can be a boost to your home’s value. You also have to take in consideration of the walls itself – materials like paneling can be removed for extra space. New construction is much easier than remodeling but it always takes a great craftsman to complete your services.

After selecting your wall preference, you will have to focus on the flooring. Vinyl flooring is a cheaper alternative to hardwoods and can look just as nice. Tile is also an option and does not scratch easy like Vinyl – carpet also looks great in living rooms. Picking out your materials can be tricky and it all depends on the time frame you have – custom online orders are always an option! 

After selecting your flooring, you will need to take into thought of the setups you will have in the room. For instance, bathrooms require toilets, showers/tubs, vanity setups, and sink installations . Kitchens require more money simply because there is more timing and materials into it. Appliances like dishwashers need to be professionally installed and cabinets need to be setup for a beautiful kitchen.

All electrical, lines, and plumbing must be done before you start remodeling otherwise you will run into a steep set of stairs. Outlets need to be installed as well as lighting such as recessed/can lights – these lights can be installed in both bathrooms and kitchens. You want to get something that is energy efficient and will provide the brightness of your choice. All bathrooms must have an exhaust fan to avoid mold/mildew build up. 

Finish off your remodeling with extra features such as baseboard trim, new door installations, window installation, crown molding, shower bars, new shelves. Once done with remodeling, setup your furniture and decorations. If you want more space, you can mount your TV to the wall. Choosing a great provider like Done By Benji will make your next home improvement beneficial!