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Waterproofing Tile Showers

In case you are planning a shower remodel or have already started, waterproofing your wall behind the tile should be at the forefront of your mind. No, it is definitely not an easy job where a simple mistake can cause long-term trouble and expensive repairs. This is why it is essential to opt for a professional from Done By Benji on the first go so things set in right the first time.

One requirement for waterproofing tile showers is the use of membranes. Liquid membranes such as RedGard are ideal for waterproofing the tile in the showers. It can easily be applied like paint and once dried, serves as a powerful elastomeric layer. Pan liners for tile floors are placed below the mortar itself – they are a powerful way to keep the water from getting into your subfloor. However, the application is rather difficult and shouldn’t be attempted on your own.

Also, sloping the shower pan allows for the water to be effectively carried to the drain. When the tiles effectively slope to the drain, it prevents the water from resting on the tiles that eventually could make its way to the liner over time. This takes a skilled contractor or bathroom remodeler to effectively achieve the right results. An easy alternative is to use an insert for the pan otherwise known as a bath fitter.

Many people ask which wall board is best to use – whether it is concrete board, foam board, or drywall, it all depends on how you waterproof the board itself. Foam wallboards allow for providing structural stability to the tiles. Additionally, since they are usually made of polystyrene foam, they also double as a waterproof layer. Then there are the cement boards that are ‘water-resistant’, not waterproof. This must be kept in mind when opting for them as they can only resist minor leaks. It is best to use cement boards with another type of waterproof membrane.

Finally, when it comes to grout, understand that they are susceptible to mold growth and wear over time. This again brings us back to square one where we need to protect them with some sort of waterproofing membrane; whether liquid or sheet-based. Waterproofing and building a tile shower is not easy, but then again, it’s not difficult once you know what you are doing. In other words, make the right decision of opting for Done By Benji to have your tile shower built if you live in Rochester, New York.